Youth volunteer project 2018

The Foundation Sandbostel invites from July 3 to 14, to the 9th International Youth volunteer project, in cooperation with the German War Graves Commission, the church district Bremervörde-Zeven and the parish Sandbostel.


Young people from different European countries and beyond, come, live and work together for almost two weeks: "work" stands, in this case, for something to achieve together; seize: do not look away. Conjointly: together for peace. Against forgetting. Against the right-wing. For reconciliation. The Camp stands for a joyful, relaxed togetherness, for meetings, and with plenty of time for travelling …. to the North Sea, to Helgoland, to Hamburg and Bremen or for canoeing on the Oste river. You will experience all this with a hint of internationality and quite across country. Without borders. With people from everywhere. In the middle of summer.

The aim of the international youth meetings is to secure the remaining buildings of the former POW camp, make the late period of use of the camp accessible to visitors, and commemorate the prisoners of war, among them, the victims of concentration camps deported in Sandbostel in April 1945.

This year, the young people will perform several archaeological excavations in the area of the former POW camp. Under expert guidance we will try to determine the site of lost-of-track barracks that couldn’t be precisely located until now. We also hope to find everyday life objects and tools of the prisoners.

From sporting events, various workshop, recreation time on the beach at the nearby North Sea, to visiting the fascinating city of Hamburg, we provide a versatile and varied program to all who enjoy meeting young people from other countries, having interest to share a common history, and wanting to actively participate and structure a successful camp during two weeks.

Participation is opened for 20 youngsters aged 16 to 22 years.

Journey details: The participants travel on July 3 on their own.

Accommodation / meals: Accommodation is at a holiday camp and youth center, full board

Participation fee: Youngster from Western Europe 175, - Euro, and for youngster from Eastern Europe 125, - Euro.

Passport / Visa: Depending on the country of origin, a valid ID card or passport and/or visa are required.

Health requirements: A vaccination against tetanus is recommended

Registration forms or requests can be done by phone, e-mail or through the website:

•  Phone: +49 (0)511-32 12 82
•  e-mail: jugend-niedersachsen(at)
•  Homepage: