peace train 2021 (Germany plus X)

From border crossers, resistence, saints, explorers, freedom fighters and peace ambassadors ...

Next stop: ... uh, stop? Wait a minute, where are we actually going?
This is a good question: You choose. We will propose you different ideas.. Five in a row..
We want to visit five places. Three of them are already set but: Surprise! You can choose two further destinations together with the other participants.  
#yourroadtrip in all directions. City, country, beach, sea or mountaintop? Here. There. On the road with three minibuses.

The great freedom in your luggage. Away from the daily grind, the peace train offers you everything but boring everyday life for a fortnight. That's it. No pigeonholes. New terrain. New places. New people. At best across national borders (... should the Corona regulations permit it in the summer, we will also cross the borders to neighbouring countries on our journey and tour there). To make this possible, the peace train will travel along the German State border as far as possible.

Here we want to track down the history and stories of the places from very different epochs and use them as a key to better understand the impulses they hold in store for our present and future. Changing the perspective. Differentiating. Putting aside prejudices. Together. Turn peace on loud. With great encounters, discernment and workshops. Refueling and removing old patterns, our coexistence will improve and be more just; this is your and my task. All-in-this-together.
Next stop: ... Get in and find out...

On the road together. Shared flat for a while. 14 days. 13 nights. 5 places. 20 people. 3 minibuses (9-seater).
1 goal: to experience something together. Working together, living, cooking, having fun, believing, discovering, singing, dancing, thinking, getting meditative, discussing, making music, sitting around the campfire, meeting other people, looking for answers, thinking outside the box, doing sports, enjoying culture, grock peace, tackle things together and make a difference.
Come down. Immerse yourself. Refuel. Get going. Together.
How does together work? In a Europe that is tilting politically further and further to the right, many things are in question. So what needs to be done? How can we work together? Where are there possible solutions? What role does history play? Faith? Politics? Society? You?
What is your and my job to set the right course? We want to look for answers away from the daily hustle and bustle. In conversation. In action. In encounter.

START: Thursday, August 12, 2021
END: Wednesday, August 25, 2021
FOR WHOM: People between 17 and 24 years
ACCOMODATION: 13 sleepovers in different places
Participants without own income: (pupils/students): EUR 359,00
Participants with own income: EUR 379,00
Financial support by arrangement (and without administrative costs) is possible.
MANAGEMENT: Michael Freitag-Parey, together with a trained volunteer team

For further information please contact:
Michael Freitag-Parey, Peace Educator
Mobil: +49 (0)152-31739378
Instagram: michael_parey

Flyer (German):