peace train 2019 (Germany/France)

... about resistance, saints, savages, freedom fighters, explorers, artists and gourmets ...

Next stop: France. Normandy. Away from everyday life. Away from what surrounds you every day, the peace train offers you 14 days of anything but normal everyday life. No ordinariness. New territory! On the road with three minibuses. Nothing for people who need a fixed daily structure and order. The peace train sometimes doesn't know in the morning where it will stop in the evening and whether its guests will spend the night on the beach under the open sky or in a comfortable accommodation with a roof over their head. We decide a lot together on the spot. The journey promises one thing in any case: Normandy offers you incredibly beautiful landscapes, rough cliffs, small fine or even wide sandy beaches. Fishing villages, lighthouses, old churches, the warm Gulf Stream and next to them rustic cities with flair in the inland, whose cafés, culture and history invite you to stay, listen and recharge. And then there's Paris. The metropolis is firmly planned as a stop. The trip also offers you a lot more: for example, a colourful group of fellow travellers. People from Germany, France and other corners of Europe get on board and take off. With you. Always along the French coast to Cap de la Hague and back . In your luggage this question: How can we work #jointly? In a Europe that is tilting more and more politically to the right, a lot is in question. So, what to do? How can we act #jointly? What is your and what is my task to counteract? Away from the everyday rustle, we want to look for answers. In conversation. In the encounter. Not for nothing is the peace train called "peace train". Get in! We promise you a good mix of many things that are important to you and do you good.

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