peace train 2017 (Germany/Great Britain)


peace train goes Great Britain!

Next stop: Great Britain! The first stop on our road trip with the van is the crazy, beautiful Edinburgh: Scotland capital city. Here, between Castle and Royal Mile, we will experience the Scottish libertarian spirit. Wonderful fellows and great encounters. Here in this region, you can enjoy the summer in quite different ways: afield at the quaint Loch Lomond National Park, at the wild coast, or in the Comrie region. In Comrie we want to discover the history of the former British prisoner of war camp Cultybraggan. During our journey we will come in contact, here and in other places, with different kind of people and talk about “free!?”, about our identity, our faith and our hopes. So it will also be our next stop in Liverpool; in this legendary seaport and working-class city, we will be on the trail of the Beatles. . . . “On a hard day’s night”. Then on to Derby. Different families will host us here and so we will have the opportunity to experience a typical English weekend. Well strengthened, the journey will go further southbound, and past the legendary “Sherwood Forest” in English Coventry. Here we will find the sign for peace and reconciliation: the Coventry Cross of Nails.
And a little while later, we will be in London. Three days. Being in the thick of it. We’ll dive into this pulsating city, meeting people and places that have something to say about the topic “free!?” and that will show us London in a very personal way. Sometimes quietly, sometimes crazy, loud or very contemplative – Just differently.
Mind the gap! Get on the train!



Together on the road. In the middle of summer. Three little vans. Thirteen days free. Today here. Tomorrow there. In between, time for so many things. Good encounters, together in action, great events, quaint places. Wide horizon. Three days in London at the end of our journey.

Relax. Dive in. Replenish.

Discover God, everyone and his brother. Detect history.

“Free!?” We meet people who contributed to the liberation of the Prisoner of War and concentration camp reception centre Sandbostel. We want to talk to them and to other people. How do we and they define freedom? What is our responsibility to preserve our freedom and the freedom of others?

START: Saturday, July 15, 2017
END: Friday, July 28, 2017
FOR WHOM: People between 16 and 24 years
ACCOMODATION: 13 sleepovers in different places
315,00 GBP
175,00 GBP if you get on the peace train in Newcastle or Edinburgh/Comrie
SERVICE: tour (van, ferry boat), lodging, full board (in London: lodging, sleepover, breakfast), program and tour guide.
Arrival and departure to and from Oese must be self arranged
MANAGEMENT: Michael Freitag-Parey, together with a trained volunteer team

For further information please contact:
Michael Freitag-Parey
Tel.: 0049 (0)4764 2254810
e-mail: michael.freitag-parey(at)